SEROVERA AMP 500 - Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide

Aloe Vera

SEROVERA is a dietary supplement that has been used with great success by individuals with gastrointestinal disorders.

SEROVERA contains Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides. 375mg of AMP extracted and freeze-dried under a controlled environment from the Aloe plant. SEROVERAŽ is 100% Organically Certified, contains Zero Toxins, does not conflict with other meds, and has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

SEROVERA Builds and Maintains Immunity in the Gastrointestinal Tract and May Help Reduce the Risk of Inflammation.

SEROVERAŽ is not "Aloe Vera", SEROVERAŽ is the stabilized & isolated healing agent Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides, which is extracted under a controlled environment from the Aloe plant and proven to reverse an array of digestive disorders and auto-immune diseases.

SEROVERAŽ is a safe and all natural formula which uses Certified Organically Grown Aloe Vera — 100% Non-Toxic high quality freeze-dried aloe vera, to be exact. SEROVERAŽ is 100% safe for children and adults of all ages and may be taken in conjunction with prescription medications with no incident of side effects.

Dr. Ivan E. Danof, PHD. MD, a leading author and top researcher in aloe vera, has assisted in the design and creation of the potent "AMP powder" used in SEROVERAŽ. Under Dr. Danhof's direction, "starting aloe material" is selected from our organically grown aloe vera plants. The purest source available. It is specially processed to provide the full spectrum of all molecular weight fractions. After select preprocessing the material is immediately freeze-dried at our facilities.

Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides (AMP) are long chain sugar molecules composed of individual mannose and glucose sugar molecules connected together. The AMP molecule is but one of the approximate 200 ingredients found in the Aloe vera plant. However, the mucilaginous polysaccharide is the sole ingredient responsible for all the healing properties attributed to Aloe.

Mucopolysaccharides are made in the human body and perform many key functions in our health, including growth and immune system functioning. Unfortunately, after puberty we cease manufacturing mucopolysaccharides and must obtain them from outside sources. Fortunately, mucopolysaccharides are found in large amounts in fresh aloe and in our proprietary prepared formula.

There is wide range in the size of the polysaccharide molecules you should become familiar with. SEROVERAŽ AMP 500 contains all 4 chains of polysaccharides.

  • Small Chains - Between 50-600 molecules (under 50,000 Dalton) - Reduces inflammation which is involved in such diseases as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and gastric reflux. Also helps with the reduction of blood sugar with both type I and II diabetes.
  • Medium Chains - Up to 1,500 molecules (50,000 - 150,000 Dalton) - Where as vitamins and minerals can only function outside the cells, mucopolysaccharides are very effective intracellular antioxidants and free radical scavengers - very important in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, heart disease and Parkinson's disease. With the ever increasing pollution on the planet and loss of nutrients in the soil, the increase in free radicals and loss of cellular oxygen will only become worse with time. This makes Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides even more important.
  • Large Chains - Up to 5,000 molecules (150,000 - 1 Million Dalton) - These have a direct anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect, which is important with all the new infectious diseases cropping up and the older ones becoming more virulent from long term use of antibiotics.
  • Very Large Chains - Up to 9,000 molecules (More than 1 Million Dalton) - The very large molecules are immune modulating, which have a powerful healing effect on AIDS, cancer and many different immune system disorders. It is also these very large molecule (TNF blockers) that have an inhibitive effect on tumor necrosis factor, making aloe a prophylactic candidate for cancer, psoriasis, and Crohn's prevention.

Other substances found within the Aloe Vera plant, including irritants, prove to be counter productive for internal consumption. Doctors confirm that whole leaf Aloe Vera, and raw Aloe Vera gel and liquid, contain some ingredients, that when taken internally, are irritating to the gut and intestinal linings. These substances promote diarrhea and are irritating, especially to individuals with digestive disorders. These components must be removed.

SEROVERA is the highly concentrated elite Aloe healing agent, minus the irritants of bulk Aloe Vera gel or liquid. Research has shown that Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides have a remarkable ability to:

  • Help promote tissue growth and regeneration inside and out
  • Clean and Detoxify: Enhances the break-down and removal of excess waste, mucous, toxins, heavy metals and foreign buildup from cells, tissues and organs
  • Fortify Cell Walls strengthening cells resistance and integrity
  • Improve cellular metabolism - enhancing energy and optimal functioning of each cell of the body
  • Help normalize damaging processes caused by poor digestion
  • Help enhance the immune systems functions
  • Help correct imbalances within the body and has broad-spectrum uses in cases such as constipation and diarrhea
  • Aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides act as a potent anti-inflammatory agent
  • Help take the stress off the immune system
  • Help increase the number and intensity of all immune cells in the body

The key to integrating healthy digestion with a healthy immune system is the oral ingestion of aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides (AMP) Scientific studies show that Aloe Vera contains potent plant-derived inflammation inhibitors, as well as tissue healing promoters

Manufacturing Process

Our proprietary freeze-dried process, directed by Dr. Danhof, retains all 4 chains of the AMP molecule intact, allowing us to give you the highest quantity and quality of AMP per capsule over all other deprecated methods. Other methods, to include: heating and dehydrating destroy the chains of AMP and do not allow it to couple with the digestive system to properly heal itself.

SEROVERAŽ is the first and only AMP formula to be analyzed by an INDEPENDENT LABORATORY for quality & purity.

There are 270 capsules in each bottle of SEROVERAŽ.

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